January 2020 - June 2020

As Shakespeare said, “All the world’s a stage.” We are but players in its midst creating our own life stories and adventures. To learn how to capture this in written form is the challenge. “My Story is My Own” online course is designed to teach beginning writing and book writing skills as well as forward navigation of the publishing world at large. With this course, you will learn how to capture your life events, thoughts, and emotions in words and translate them into a universal language and experience that will engage readers not only intellectually, but also emotionally.

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As a ghostwriter and founder of a publishing company, people so often write me and ask, “Can you just take a look at my manuscript and….” For the first time ever I am opening up one-on-one coaching opportunities with my team and me.

Basic Overview

  • Study at your own pace 6-month course featuring 30 combined hours of classes, personalized interaction, professional feedback and manuscript development.

  • Ideal for beginning writers or book authors.

  • Learn how to capture your life events, thoughts, and emotions in words and translate them into a universal language and experience that will engage readers not only intellectually, but also emotionally.

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What You Will Gain

  • Basics of Book Writing

    How to capture readers' interest from your beginning sentences onward, and write with economy, purpose, variation and creativity in a compelling way.

  • Organization of Content & Strategy

    How to brainstorm, organize and plan your book material so that your writing is fluid and organically progresses forward.

  • Ethics & Heart of Writing

    How to overcome writer's block and other stumbling blocks and learn to write from your heart.

  • Professional Feedback on Your Work

    Receive Content Development feedback on your current Work from our professional and experienced in-house writers and editors.

  • Formal Manuscript Review

    Receive a detailed evaluation of your Work analyzing its strengths and weaknesses, recommended rewriting, editing, and potential publishing options.

  • Consultation

    Meet with one of our in-house writing or publishing specialists to talk through your Formal Manuscript Review and strategize forward movement.

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Read Testimonials of Authors Vanessa has worked with and championed in publishing.

"I credit Vanessa Chandler with discovering my talent and helping to teach me how to become a professional author. I highly recommend Vanessa to any author.”

- Kris Vallotton, Senior Associate Leader of Bethel Church, and Co-founder & Overseer of Bethel School of Ministry in Redding, California

"I wrote my first book in 2004 and sent the manuscript to a publisher. The publisher wrote back saying in essence that my content was good but that I really wasn’t a writer. I got so discouraged that I quit writing for a year. Then one afternoon I met Vanessa Chandler at a retreat. I told her about my experience with the publisher and she asked me if she could read the manuscript. I handed her my computer and she read what I had written for about an hour. When she was done reading the first few chapters of my book she said, “Your writing is excellent and your content is really revelatory. I don’t know what that publisher was talking about but you are a really gifted writer.

Vanessa and another editor helped me finish my manuscript and six months later that book, which is entitled, The Supernatural Ways Of Royalty, went on to become a bestseller! Since that time I’ve written many other books and more of them have become bestsellers."

“The Red Arrow Media team, led by Vanessa J. Chandler co-authored my book, The Hard Road. Vanessa was incredibly professional and is very talented in her writing. She accurately depicted a real-life event and authored it in such a way as to capture any reader’s attention. She and her team went through the book thoroughly and restructured the chapters multiple times so that the reader would be in the present, then the past, keeping their attention on the story. As a result, we got a very accurate, real, true to life version of my story. I highly recommend Vanessa & the Red Arrow Media team to author or co-author a book.”

Jackson Hole Real Estate Associate & Author of The Hard Road

Michael S. Pruett

“It has been said that 81% of people in America feel they have a book in them, and I have heard that only 1% will write the book. I am the 1%, but I do not believe I could have ever published my first book without the help of Vanessa Chandler. I liken the book writing process to birthing a baby, and Vanessa is my doula. I envisioned my goal and developed my manuscript, but had trouble organizing the flow of ideas. I did not think I could bring my book to fruition. Things got really painful and seemed out of hand until Vanessa brought me the epidural. When Vanessa reviewed my manuscript she was like the medical professional who could anticipate what the best plan of action was for me, and she was right there to celebrate the birth of my book. Her influence has been monumental in the crafting of my book and its coming to publication. She was ever present for each question, concern, and insecurity about how to write and publish my book. I highly recommend taking Vanessa’s writing class, as I have already learned so much from her. But I, too, will be taking the class. I believe you, as well, can be part of the exclusive 1% who actually achieve your dream.”

Images by Hughes Photographer & Author of Choose Zoe

Laura Lynn Hughes

“Vanessa was an extremely good listener. She captured the essence of the story or point I was making and was able to enrich it or enhance it through her writing ability and her overall knowledge of the literary world.”

Former VP of Disney, Founder of Level 3 & Author of Prosperity with Purpose

Mike Frank

“I’m grateful to Vanessa and the team at Red Arrow Media for helping me bring my dream of publishing into reality. The team helped me transform my raw, green story into a finished novel with great artwork and interior design. Vanessa is enthusiastic and encouraging, and will help you discover how to release your writing gift to the world. I would have jumped at the chance to take this course had it been available when I was getting started!”

Author of Warrior of the Dawn

M.S. Brook

“My experience with Red Arrow Media has been wonderful. Vanessa and her team have been extremely professional, efficient, and helpful. I am a new author and the thought of going through the process of getting published with my limited technical skills was daunting. They walked me through it beautifully. The editor they chose for my book really worked at capturing my voice and brilliantly helped me with capture my expression on paper. I am grateful for our partnership.”

Author of Adventures with Grandma Metta & Courageously Brave

Jimetta Mayne

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Instructor Bio:

Vanessa Joy Chandler is a creative writer, teacher, entrepreneur and professional author coach. Her credentials include pioneering and managing Red Arrow Media, a niche market publishing company that offers writing and editing as well as publishing services, Teaching Credentials in English Literature, English as a Second Language and Social Science, and awards in entrepreneurship, music, and leadership. She lives in a small village with her husband in German wine country.

Vanessa Joy Chandler

Founder of Red Arrow Media & My Story is My Own

Vanessa Joy Chandler


Instructor Bio:

Jennifer Westbrook received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Modern Hebrew from Oral Roberts University in 2008, studying abroad at Haifa University in Israel and Oxford University before teaching English and American literature in South Korea for two years. A published poet, Jennifer was awarded for her literary writing and research before stepping into the world of freelance writing with contributions to local publications including This Land Press based in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2011. After relocating to Redding, California, Jennifer joined the Red Arrow Media team. She currently oversees manuscript reviews and helps prospective authors develop their projects.

Jennifer Westbrook

Senior Developmental Editor at Red Arrow Media

Jennifer Westbrook